• TASNEEF’S core business is focused on vessel Classification Certification, Inspections & Audits
  • We are experienced in matters related to transportation and infrastructure
  • We are leaders in planning and designing port and marine facilities
  • Our team of multidisciplinary experts assists public bodies and private investors
  • Tasneef provides services that cater to the needs of the market
  • Tasneef’s goals are to establish a professional and ideal reputation across the globe
  • Our experience builds on years of support to major providers in Oil & Gas sector
  • Tasneef provides services that cater to the needs of the market

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UAE Yacht Code

The safety level of private non-commercial yachts in accordance with the UAE Yacht Regulations is to be equivalent or better than existing regulations for other vessels carrying the same number of persons onboard taking into account the size of the yacht and its area of operation.
The UAE Yacht Regulations have been developed based on the principles of defining overall purpose and functional requirements for the safety segments covered by these Regulations. The purpose and functional requirements are verified either by compliance with prescriptive requirements, analysis, demonstration or risk assessment.

The objective of verification by Risk Assessment is to show that the risks associated with a novel / alternative design, equipment, system or operations isequivalent or lower to that of a similar yacht which complies with the prescriptiverequirements of these Regulations.


Escape, evacuation and rescue emergency procedures shall enable assignedcrew members to perform their assigned escape, evacuation and rescue taskseffectively.
The yacht’s security operation shall at least comprise the following task like Ensuring the performance of all yacht security duties, controlling access to the yacht,Controlling the embarkation of persons and their effects, monitoring restricted areas to ensure that only authorized persons have access and monitoring of deck areas and areas surrounding the yacht.

Equipping and preparation of survival craft and other escape, Evacuation and rescue equipment, Mustering those persons that need to be mustered and Use of communication equipment.

Latest News

Oct 2015

Tasneef participates in the Seatrade Offshore Marine & Workboats Middle East Event

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” successfully participated in the Seatrade Offshore Mar
Sep 2015

In partnership with the Mare Forum, Tasneef launches the Abu Dhabi Summit of Global Marine and Maritime Leaders

The importance of the UAE as a country of great relevance in the maritime industry is underpinned by
Aug 2015

Tasneef organizes awareness workshop for ship owners

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” held a workshop in liaison with Port of Fujairah on 26
Aug 2015

Tasneef classifies 31 ships for Irshad

In line with its strategy aiming to cover 50% of the maritime Arab classification market, Emirates C
Jul 2015

Tasneef continues to achieve impressive growth in the first half of 2015

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” completed the first half of its third year with signif
Jul 2015

During its visit to Italy, “Tasneef” Signs an Agreement with Logmarin

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” signed an agreement with Logmarin, a consultancy compa
Jun 2015

Visit to the Arab League and the Egyptian Ministry of Transport

In virtue of its role as the first Arab classification society developing standards and specificatio
Jun 2015

“Tasneef” and “Tawazun Dynamics” signs an agreement to raise the level of safety and security

Emirates Classification Society “Tasneef” signed its second cooperation agreement with “Tawazu
Apr 2015

TASNEEF participated in DMCA workshop

TASNEEF  recently participated in  the workshop which was held by The Dubai Maritime City Authorit
Apr 2015

TASNEEF encourages Marine Engineering

In the context of its ongoing efforts towards making the UAE the center of the Arab maritime econ
Mar 2015

TASNEEF and OSHAD explore OHS systems

As TASNEEF the first classification society in UAE and the Arab region and its primary mission is
Mar 2015

TASNEEF in Italy to discover partnerships

 Tasneef’s  delegation went on a tour in Italy to visit some of the most prominent companies and
Mar 2015

50M AED deals for TASNEEF during NAVDEX 2015

Emirates Classification Society TASNEEF has successfully participated in the region’s most import

Emirates Classification Society - TASNEEF

TASNEEF was established in 2012 as the First Classification Society in United Arab Emirates as well as in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and Arab world.

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